yagev aboutYagev Ltd. was established in Israel in 1973, and is recognized as a leading distributor of high quality medical and laboratory equipment. The company is very proud of its excellent customer service record, as Yagev management believes that the basis of success in this market segment is the offering of maximum customer support. In addition, the company was granted the ISO 9001 standard approval. In order to achieve the best “customer service” Yagev dedicates its staff to offering 24 hour a day customer support. The average call response time is within 4 hours, anywhere in the country, and the service offered ranges from installations through regular maintenance to the repair of complex systems. Yagev’s customers include the most prestigious hospitals, health insurance organizations, clinics, laboratories and research institutions in Israel, as well as the medical facilities of the Israeli Defense Forces. This dedication to customer service has earned Yagev the exclusive representation of some of the world's outstanding manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment. Yagev Company organization includes as main departments:
Ventilation and Anesthesia Department:
This department sold since company’s foundation hundreds of instruments installed in the main hospitals in our country. During the last 3 years, 1000 Vela Ventilators were supplied to the Emergency Services and the Intensive Care Departments all over the country.

Yagev Company excels in its customer service. Our technical staff trains all over the world in all facilities specializing in support for all the leading products our company distributes.

Carefusion Cardinal Health Viasys HealthCare including:

- Bear Medical - Adult and Infant Respirators

- MicroMedical

- Sensor Medics

- Bird

Heinen Loewenstein -Anesthesia Machine
Vortran – Emergency Resuscitator, in mass casualty incidents
In use by the American Army, includes option for connection to humidifier and advanced compressor, simultaneous ventilation capability for large number of patients by link, FDA recognized.
Deltex - Cardio Function and Volume Management Monitor
Miele - Cleaning and Disinfecting Machines for Laboratory and
Miele - Medical Field Central Sterilisation in Hospitals
Miele - Autoclaves, Large wash rooms
Merz Hygiene - Detergents
Cenorin - Drying Chambers and Pasteur
Humanmeditek - Plasma sterilizers
Panasonic - Freezers & Blood Bank Refrigerators, Incubators
Helena Laboratories - Electrophoresis Analyzers
Helena Biosciences – Electrophoresis reagents
OPTI Medical – Analyzers
Swelab - Cell Counters
– Blood Pressure management, Physiotherapy, Thermometers
TaiDoc – Diabetic Glucose Management
Yagev’s market leadership position is accentuated by the fact that, in those categories in which it is active, the market share is over 50%, even where faced by competition from larger international enterprises.

Yagev is continually seeking new distribution partnerships, in order to improve the products being offered to customers. This striving for the “latest” technology has resulted in the continued growth and development of Yagev over the years.

A key to the success of Yagev in its distributor partnership has been its exclusivity arrangements. In this way management has insured that both suppliers and customers will receive dedication, knowledge and customer service. It is for these reasons that Yagev has gained the national leadership position it now occupies and the esteem of its foreign supplier.

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